2016 Award Winner


elizabeth philbrick | colorado state university


2016 JSR Scholarship Winner

Elizabeth Philbrick | colorado state university

From 'Projects' to Prosperity

Traditional publicly subsidized housing has been subject to stigmatization and the people benefiting from it, subject to isolation. Often these ‘projects’ are tucked away in the least desirable real estate, and degrade due to lack of funds and attention. In order to provide lowincome housing, governments across the country have tipped the scales toward the need for these amenities to be economically viable at the sacrifice of livability and, in some instances, human dignity. With 1,500 residents condensed into a 10 block Denver Housing Authority (DHA) Project, Sun Valley in Denver, Colorado is no different. Slated for demolition and rebuild, I propose a threefold approach to the redesign of this community: 1) Bolster the services provided to create Denver’s ‘one stop’ public assistance destination 2) Emphasize the immense diversity of culture and ethnicity of the neighborhood through support of public art, food venues, and mural culture 3) Enhance the ‘life and space’ between the public housing through placemaking By providing services, we can assist the citizens of Sun Valley in the best way a government can; education, health and welfare. By providing a connection to culture, you remove the isolation from an individual’s past, connect children with history and the important bond of a community’s diversity. We can provide these, and smooth the edge of transition from the rapidly gentrifying surrounding neighborhoods, by providing a strong sense of place. Sun Valley can be a model for how we can balance the economic costs of public housing with the dignity of Man. ‘


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